What Is The Weather Like In Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach weather has its ups and downs, much like anywhere else you’d go in the USA (or abroad), but it all changes per season. There’s a little something different to expect in any given month, so it’s essential to plan.

Depending on when you book Myrtle Beach condo rentals, here’s what to expect from the weather. 


Speaking in Fahrenheit, you can see a nice average of 48 degrees starting right in March. Remember that that’s just the average, as the high itself can be up to 65 degrees in that same month. On the other hand, it could fall as low as 48 degrees, which is not a significant drop but still something decently substantial. 


For summer, you should be looking at averages of 71 degrees for June (count on that) as well as highs of 84 and lows of 71. But in July, things take a turn, with the average sitting at 81 degrees and lows of 74, and highs of 87. Yet in August, as summer conditions come to their end, you can expect 80 degrees as the primary norm. If it shifts, it will go as high as 86, usually, and about as low as 73. 

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In September, the average is at 75, while in October, it’s at 66. See the difference? Ten degrees is quite a drop for an average in just one month! And in September, it’ll rise to 82 or drop to 68, so you know the cold is coming. Then, of course, October comes around, and what you are then left with is an average temperature of 66, as well as a high of 74 or a low of 58; be prepared for the drops in temperatures to continue only further right at this point and for the next five months.


November and December tend to stand at 57 and 50 degrees, respectively. For highs, they are 66 and 60, and for lows, 48 and 42 respectively; can you believe that December’s lowest temperature averages are only about 2 degrees warmer than November’s? You’d think it would be the other way around, as you are moving closer into winter, but here in lovely Myrtle Beach, such is not the case. Many visitors are quite grateful to hear that! Finally, in January, the average stays at 47 degrees and slightly inches up to a high of 56 (or to a low of 40). 

Plan Your Stay

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What to Pack?

When visiting out there, it is not a terrible idea to pack a few hand warmers and bring them in groups with you during the winter months. They only cost about $1 per pack and can easily fit inside most gloves you wear. You can either put them under your palms when inserting your hand or over the tops of your hands, depending on where you would like your hands to receive most of the warmth. They can also fit in your shoes! It also won’t hurt you or your crew to pack extra socks. Light cardigans, sweaters, or one or two per person won’t hurt either.

Are you coming to experience the weather in Myrtle Beach in the warmer months? Don’t forget that beach gear! It’s probably a little obvious, but you’ll be safe bringing shorts and t-shirts. You’ll also want plenty of sun protection, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. You might want to bring a light jacket if you’re visiting in this season as well; it might seem strange, but the mornings and evenings can get a bit chilly sometimes.