How to Have a Budget-Friendly Vacation in Myrtle Beach

South Carolina is full of history, activities, and natural beauty to explore. If you stay at the seaside, you’ll be walking on the boardwalks and smelling the salty air in no time. The Carolinas are an ideal vacation destination that you can visit without leaving the country. South Carolina is also home to Myrtle Beach, a resort town on the Atlantic coast.  

Explore the boardwalk by day and enjoy Myrtle Beach and its establishments by night. Myrtle Beach is full of potential and endless opportunities for unforgettable experiences. Of course, you’ll need somewhere to stay, and that’s where our Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo rentals come in! Ocean Breeze covers you with condo rentals for a vacation on a budget.

There’s no need for a budget vacation to be subpar; it’s possible to have an unforgettable experience without breaking the bank.  

Stay In Our Myrtle Beach Rentals

When it comes to vacation lodgings, Ocean Breeze has you covered. Ocean Breeze has multiple properties up and down the South Carolina coast that you can rent at an excellent price. Our Myrtle Beach condo rentals are luxurious, affordable places where memories are made.  

The size of your family will determine which one of our properties you rent and the location you’ll stay at. We recommend starting with our studio Myrtle Beach apartments if you are traveling alone or planning a trip with just one other person. If you’re booking for a family of three or more, allow us to suggest our two- or three-bedroom options. No matter which of our properties you stay in, you’ll save a significant amount of money compared to booking a hotel. Additionally, you can split the price of your rental if you’re staying with a large group! 

Cook At Home

Every Ocean Breeze rental property has a fully equipped kitchen with sinks, a stove, a microwave, and a fridge/freezer. All hardware is modern and up to date, along with granite countertops. You’ll need to supply your own ingredients and spices, but all the tools are there for you to practice being a world-class chef!

It’s much easier to vacation on a budget when you buy groceries. Making dinner is much cheaper than eating out every night; going to a different restaurant daily is fun but quickly becomes unsustainably expensive.  

Fsamily cooking in their fully-equipped kitchen in Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach is full of grocery stores where you can put together something cheap and tasty. Bring it back to the house and use the kitchen to its fullest extent. It’s tough to beat eating salmon on the porch and watching the sunset over the ocean!

Visit The Local Farmer’s Market

Dining out every night gets expensive quickly, so embrace the ways of cooking fresh food at home. You don’t have to eat out every night because you’re on vacation. Plenty of farmer’s markets in the Myrtle Beach area have an abundance of fresh food, which you can turn into delicious meals at your rental condo. Farmer’s markets offer new ingredients and a chance to expand the palate through new and exciting types of foods.

The best family-friendly restaurants and markets are located along the Grand Strand, so start your search there. First up is Myrtle Market at Mr. Joe White Avenue and Oak Street intersection. The market is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, beginning in April every year. You can not only find fresh produce but can also look for honey, bread, meats, cheese, and more. 

North Myrtle Beach Farmer’s Market is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays, May 6 through October 28, 2022, at 925 1st Ave. S. in North Myrtle Beach. The location is ideal; if you’re sufficiently quick in the mornings, you can go and find breakfast there every morning! The same goes for dinner in the evenings. 

Finally, the ICI Farmer’s Market is open from 12 noon to 5 p.m. on Thursdays at 920 Crabtree Lane in Myrtle Beach. An international culinary institute farmer’s market is a surefire way to find new and exciting recipes, ingredients, and much more! 

Explore The Boardwalk

The boardwalk in Myrtle Beach is jam-packed with an endless array of gift shops, carnival rides, and arcades. It’s possible to spend a week on the boardwalk and never see the beach! The best part is that, while there are plenty of opportunities for shopping, you don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want to. You can opt to walk down the boardwalk and people-watch or window shop in the boutiques to spend your afternoon in the air conditioning. 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not is packed solid with amazing and weird things from around the world to get you started. For instance, there’s an authentic vampire killing kit contained within! If you prefer something a little less violent, there’s an 8-foot-tall Transformer sculpture constructed entirely from scrap car parts. Six Flags enthusiasts will love the spinning vortex tunnel, guaranteed to make even the most level-headed person dizzy.  

If you need a cheap place to eat, consider Moe Moon’s. Moe Moon’s is a beach-bum style restaurant located on the edge of the boardwalk, allowing you to eat right next to the beach (or on the beach, depending on the weather). Moe’s serves simple, tasty food that is always refreshing after a long day of swimming, walking, and enjoying all the boardwalk has to offer. Hot dogs, fries, pizza, and burgers are the bread and butter of Moe Moon’s. You know precisely what you’re getting at Moe Moon’s, and you won’t be disappointed.

The boardwalk also offers plenty of affordable ways to spend time with your family. Get competitive with your crew at the Fun Plaza Family Fun Center, experience a bird’s eye view of the area on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, or get your thrills on the Sling Shot Thrill Ride. If you’re looking for something particularly spooky, check out Nightmare Haunted House!

Plan Your Visit!

Are you ready for your budget-friendly getaway to Myrtle Beach? Book your Ocean Breeze Beach Vacations rental today and look forward to making unforgettable memories while saving big!

You should book your next vacation in Myrtle Beach. It’s the perfect oceanside destination for a weeklong getaway; you don’t have to leave the country. There’s an endless variety of places to stay, attractions to see, and restaurants to eat at in Myrtle Beach. It’s a giant melting pot for all types of fun, and you won’t want to miss it. Best of all, it’s easy to make the most of your Myrtle Beach vacation on a budget, especially when you stay with Ocean Breeze. 

Ocean Breeze is proud to offer dozens of North Myrtle Beach condo rentals for your stay, putting you in luxury without costing an arm and a leg. Our team works diligently to ensure all rentals are spotless and pristine when you arrive, and we’re available throughout your stay to ensure everything is going well. The only thing more impressive than our rentals’ amenities and locations is the dedication of our customer service team! 

The next time you plan a budget-friendly vacation, be sure to come to see us in Myrtle Beach. We’ll help you prepare for the vacation of a lifetime. Contact Ocean Breeze today to learn more about our properties and to book your stay.