Where to Find The Best Pizza In Myrtle Beach?

When you’re craving pizza, nothing else can quite satisfy your appetite. If this craving hits you while you’re on vacation, you can rest assured that there are some fantastic pizza restaurants in Myrtle Beach for you!

Best of all, these incredible restaurants are all just a short trip from our Myrtle Beach condo rentals. 

AJ’s Pizza Myrtle Beach 

Start with AJ’s, and you can’t go wrong —- delicious garlic breadsticks, amazing cheddar bread, and even a buffalo chicken dip that will leave you licking your fingers until the very end. AJ’s offers all kinds of unique options, including their amazing Supreme Specialty Pizzas featuring Gouda cheeses, bacon, pepperoni, red onions, jalapenos, Cajun shrimp, and so much more. 

Ultimate California Pizza

The signature pizza is what the people come here for, especially some Cali classics like the Ham and Pineapple, the Beef and Bacon, or even just the plain cheese one. They have a lot you can pick from, and if none of those seem to your liking, you can even build your very own; they call it the “Build Your Own Pizza Special.” 

pizza from myrtle beach
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Mellow Mushroom Myrtle Beach 

This place has a Pizzaiola Burger on its main menu that people still can’t stop coming back in for. Not only is it delicious, but it’s 100% original. What other place do you know that has a pizza and a burger rolled into one? And it’s a top-seller menu item here, so that tells you how good it is! Of course, there are plenty of more standard pizza options if you aren’t feeling adventurous or if you’ve got a picky eater in the family.

Extreme Pizza Myrtle Beach 

If you love the taste of the tropical, you ought to go for a Baja 1000 Pizza here, which has homemade black beans smothered all over it, in addition to red onions, Italian sausage (optional substitute, upon special request and availability), and even green jalapeno peppers. Be sure to check out their menu in full to see the other extreme pizzas on offer.  


This place was put up in 1992 and has deli-style pizza like no other. The people come in hungry and leave full! Here, you can try out the one and only Broad Street White, which people rightfully won’t shut up about. This pizza offers a very fresh, exceptionally well-prepared soppressata in addition to ricotta, and the best part is that they use special olive oil garlic for their base. 

Plan Your Visit

Our Myrtle Beach rentals are located just minutes from all of these mouthwatering restaurants, so you may want to sample two or three of them while you’re in town! When you book Myrtle Beach vacation rentals with Ocean Breeze, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Our passionate team, impressive amenities, affordable rates, and convenient locations combine into a recipe for success. Discover the beauty of Myrtle Beach for yourself by booking your stay with Ocean Breeze today! 

Extreme Pizza  

Are you extreme enough in your love for pizza to try out a place like Extreme Pizza? Or would you like to make a pizza that has never been made before, creating your very own original hybrid? If “yes” was your firm answer to both these questions, then this place is your pizza place, with its 8-inchers, 12-inchers, 14-inchers, 16-inchers, and yes, its 18-inchers (for feeding up to about six very hungry adults). You can also ask to get a gluten-free crust if your dietary needs demand it.

Mama Mia 

Mama Mia! It’s Mama Mia, coming at you with its specialty Big Mama Supreme Pizza, one of its top-selling options. The staff here can’t seem to take this one off the top slot, and if they did, there’d probably be a full line of angry customers demanding to speak with the management! That’s how good THIS pizza is, and it comes with some savory ground beef the likes of which your hungry, watering mouth has never tasted before. You should be getting hungry right about now, right?