Experience Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach, SC

Vacationing with your friends and family can be a great adventure. Whether you relax indoors or experience a new city, you can always have a good time when you vacation with others.

Myrtle Beach can be a great place to travel when you have some vacation time. You can soak up the sun, have some fun swimming and doing water sports, or go around the town to find new and interesting things to experience. One of these could be visiting Medieval Times.

Medieval Times is the perfect place to bring your friends or family as it is fun for everyone. You can watch knights joust, enjoy some delicious food, and experience what it would feel like to be back in the medieval period. The Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach is one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Experience Medieval Times

Medieval Times offers an experience unlike any other. Once you step inside the castle of Medieval Times, it is as if you are teleported back to the 11th century.

Once you step through the castle “gate,” you can get into character. Your entire group will have their picture taken once you enter, and this can be a great keepsake to remember your time there. You can order drinks and enjoy some time sitting around before the show begins.

The two most important aspects of the experience Medieval Times offers are the four-course feast that you get to enjoy while you’re there as well as the amazing show they put on. If you’re a fan of dinner theater, Medieval Times is another great dinner show you can enjoy.

Four Course Feast

Once you take your seat, your server will welcome you to the Castle. As you sit and the show begins, you’ll have the chance to indulge in the fabulous four-course feast.

When eating, you will find that dinner is something you’ve never experienced before. For instance, you will not be given any utensils to eat your feast. All foods must be eaten only using your hands, so, for example, if you are given some soup, you must either drink it or wait for some bread to dip into the soup as you will not be given a spoon.

This aspect of the feast contributes to the ambiance and authenticity of the meal. You will be eating like a noble back in the 11th century. Medieval Times will also take into account any dietary restrictions you may have, so make sure you tell your server if there is anything you cannot eat. As you enjoy your meal, the show will begin.

medieval sword fight reenactment
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The Show

You will know once the show begins! The lights will dim, music will begin to play, and you’ll begin to experience the amazing dinner show. The show lasts approximately two hours.

During the show, you will see jousting, amazing sword fights, some thrilling combat, and interesting displays of falconry and horsemanship. As all of this goes on, you will find yourself cheering on a certain knight, and you will find yourself somewhat hoarse by the time the show is over.

It is an amazing experience for everyone to enjoy, and it is worth the price of tickets to the show.

Price of Admission

The standard price of admission at Medieval Times is $67.95 for adults and $40.95 for children. Medieval Times offers certain discounts to particular groups and events. Prices will vary depending on large groups attending or if you have served in the military. These can help lower the overall price of your admission to Medieval Times.

Birthday Parties

Medieval Times can be the perfect place to come to celebrate your birthday or the birthday of someone close to you. Whether you are celebrating the birthday of a child or the birthday of an adult, Medieval Times can help make the birthday party different from any birthday party you have held before.

When planning to spend your birthday at Medieval Times, you can choose from six different birthday packages. The Dinner & Tournament package is the most basic and includes a four-course meal and the dinner show. The Joust package includes everything from the Dinner & Tournament package, as well as a group photo for all of your guests and a Knight’s cheering banner.

The Party Package includes everything from the Joust package as well as a slice of cake and a frozen slushie in a souvenir cup. The Knight’s Banquet package includes everything from the Joust package as well as upgraded seating, a VIP lanyard, and one well cocktail, beer, wine, soda, or slushie.

The Noble Fare package includes everything from the Knight’s Banquet package plus a knighting ceremony for one VIP. The Crown Jewel package includes everything from the Noble Fare package, along with a Hurricane souvenir glass and a bottle of water at your seat. No matter which package you choose, your birthday will be one of the best when you spend it at Medieval Times.

Plan Your Visit

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Group Outings

If you decide to bring a large group to Medieval Times for a special event, you will be surprised by how easily your night can be planned. Medieval Times works with groups of all different types to make your experience one to remember.

With specific packages for birthday celebrations, company events, summer camps, troop outings, and field trips, Medieval Times does an amazing job of making your event one to remember and making sure you do not completely break the bank by deciding to have your event there.

The packages available for the group outings are the same as those for the birthday celebration. You can pick the package that is perfect for your group and have some fun exploring everything Medieval Times has to offer.

Military Discounts

If you served in the armed forces or are currently serving, Medieval Times offers discounts to those men and women who served our country. With special offers and discounted tickets, service men and women, along with their families, can enjoy the Medieval Times experience at a discounted price.

Military tickets are often purchased at any of the participating military bases, but the Medieval Times website includes a feature where military members can log in to claim their discounts and offers.

Where To Stay

When vacationing in Myrtle Beach, Medieval Times can be a great place to visit and spend some time with your friends and family. There are many other things you can do during your stay, such as mini golfing in Myrtle Beach and visiting Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach. You can book your stay in Myrtle Beach with Ocean Breeze.

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